The Office of Special Education is responsible for all functions of the Committee on Special Education (CSE), Committee on Preschool Education (CPSE) and the 504 Committee.  It is open from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.  Staff members of the office can be contacted at the following telephone numbers or click on their names to send an email.  In person meetings may be arranged by appointment only.

Staff contact information:


The Special Education Department is seeking to increase our list of available Parent Members for C.S.E. meetings. The Parent Member is an individual having a child in the Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District who is classified or has been recently declassified by the Committee on Special Education (C.S.E.).Parent members attend and participate in C.S.E. meetings and serve as a resource for the parents of the student being discussed and assist them in understanding the CSE process. This is a voluntary position which can be flexibly scheduled. There is no minimum time requirement; however, C.S.E. meetings are scheduled during the school day.

If you have any questions, or are interested in assisting the C.S.E. in this meaningful position, please contact Tatiana Memoli, Director of Special Education, at 914-934 7925


El departamento de Educacion Especial esta buscando de anadir a nuestra lista de padres disponible para reunions de C.S.E. ( Comite de Educacion Especial ). El padre es un individuo que tiene un hijo/a  en el districto de Portchester – Rye que es clasificado o ha sido recientemente desclasificado por el comite de Educacion Especial.Padres asistiran y participaran en reunions de C.S.E. y serviran como un recurso para padres de estudiantes en discursos, y asistirlos en entendiendo el proceso de C.S.E. Esto es una posicion voluntario en  la cual puede ser flexible.  No hay un tiempo minimo requerido pero las reunions de C.S.E. se llevara acabo durante el dia escolar.

Si tiene alguna pregunta o está interesado en ayudar al C.S.E. en este puesto significativo, comuníquese con Tatiana Memoli, Directora de Educación Especial, al 914-934 7925.