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Elementary Learning

ASPIRES/ASPIRA After School Program Overview

Online registration for the 2022-2023 school year is closed. For King Street students, please contact Tammy Dominguez at KSS to register.


Elementary Enrichment Program Overview

The Port Chester School District offers an enrichment program to students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. In all grades, this program reinforces core Math and ELA topics while engaging students with technology and teaching them introductory computer science skills.


Grade 3: Coding

In 3rd grade, every student in the district participates in a class that teaches them how to write code for computer programs. As part of this program, students not only focus on learning how to create a program, but also on identifying issues in a given code and determining the steps needed to "debug" the code. This course will help students to become experts on the process of creating and troubleshooting their own programs, all while developing problem solving skills that can help them succeed both in and out of the field of computer science.

For additional information about and resources related to our school's coding program, click here.


Grades 4 & 5: Robotics

In 4th and 5th grade, groups of students are chosen to participate in a robotics program. As part of this program, students will develop construction and engineering skills as they construct a variety of robots. For each robot the students build, they will work on refining their computer programming skills, writing code that directs their robot to complete a variety of tasks, such as repeating a series of actions and responding to user input. Students will also make real world connections, learning about how robots are used throughout the world in different professions and discussing different careers that they can enter that will utilize computer programming and robotics skills.

For additional information about and resources related to our school's robotics program, click here.