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King Street School

Address: 697 King Street, Port Chester, NY 10573
Main Office: (914) 934‑7996
Fax: (914) 939‑9351
Principal: Samuel Ortiz
Asst. Principal: Anthony Carolini


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Welcome to King Street School! KSS is a collaborative community committed to inspiring curiosity, integrity, and academic excellence in our children. Our school serves students in grades K-5. Students are engaged in an age-appropriate curriculum that includes literacy, math, hands-on inquiry based science, digital literacy, and the arts.


School Updates

School News

Second Graders Create Original Playgrounds

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Second graders at King Street School took on the roles of engineers to design and build their own playgrounds. Under the guidance of teacher Anthony Travaglini, they have been fully immersed in the innovative STEAM project.

Having learned about engineering and the design process, as well as how simple machines are used in playgrounds, the students discussed their importance and applications to this project. Equipped with a small paper tray, construction paper, pipe cleaners, foil, paper tubes and masking tape, the second graders collaborated in groups to create a full playground with different types of fixtures. Each student was tasked with creating one fixture for their playground that was both safe and fun for students to play on.

“This is where the fun began as students had to figure out how to take their designs from a sketch on paper to an actual physical model,” Travaglini said. “The students designed some really interesting and creative fixtures – slides, ball pits, swings, foam pools, soccer fields, water slides, you name it, they created it.”

Travaglini said the project-based activity allowed students to take agency and ownership in their learning while being creative and having some fun.

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Date Added: 3/1/2024

Kindergartners Celebrate 100th Day of School Milestone

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Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District kindergartners reached an exciting milestone with the 100th day of school on Feb. 15. They celebrated by using the number 100 in a variety of hands-on activities to commemorate how much they have learned since September.

Throughout the day, the students stacked 100 cups, made illustrations and self-portraits, and used different colors to chart 100 dots, among other things. During one kindergarten class at King Street Elementary School, the students used brown paper bags, cotton balls and markers to create a portrait of what they thought they’d look like as a 100-year-old person. In other classes, the students dressed as centenarians and donned eyeglasses and white hair, wore suspenders and leaned on walking canes.

The activities, which were centered around the number 100, served as creative ways to get the students invested in the day and encourage them to continue to learn and grow while having fun.

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Date Added: 2/28/2024

Port Chester Students Learn French, Italian and Spanish

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As part of an after-school enrichment program at each of the elementary schools in the Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District, students are learning different languages.

During a recent lesson, King Street Elementary School students created masks to celebrate the annual Italian festival Carnevale, which is known for its elaborate costumes and masks. The experience provided the students with exposure to the Italian language and culture.

The program enables students to engage in a new language, such as French, Italian or Spanish, and learn about different cultures while working with their future teachers. The lessons are taught by middle and high school teachers.

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Date Added: 2/27/2024

Music Therapy Fosters Sense of Community and Collaboration

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King Street School students in Adriana Paulucci’s Music Therapy class recently had an engaging and educational lesson. Equipped with different instruments, they worked on learning the instruments’ names and playing them.

“These sessions include following directions, memorizations of songs and taking turns, amongst other things,” Ms. Paulucci said. “All that while learning different songs and rhythms, playing instruments and having a great time. Another focus of the lessons is to teach the students to work cooperatively and encourage each other.”

Date Added: 2/26/2024

Talented Port Chester Students to Perform at All-County Festivals

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Sixteen students from the Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District have been selected to perform with All-County music ensembles by the Westchester County School Music Association for its 2024 festival concerts in March.

“Being selected to perform in Westchester’s All-County Music Festivals is a momentous musical honor,” Supervisor of Fine and Performing Arts Dr. Katherine Sinsabaugh said. “Students go through a rigorous selection process. Our students competed against the best music students in Westchester County. We are very proud of our students and their hard work.”

John F. Kennedy Elementary School fifth graders Valentina Tiu and Sarah Salcedo, Thomas Edison Elementary School fifth graders Michael Calle and Gabriella Diaz, King Street Elementary School fifth graders Emma Weinstein and LJ Sherwood, Park Avenue Elementary School fifth graders Ethan Horwitz and Jacob Perez, and Port Chester Middle School sixth graders Olivia Klauck and Isabella Sanchez, seventh grader Scarlet Virella and eighth graders Melquisedec Gonzalez and Annalise Gouedy have been selected to perform with the All-County choir.

Port Chester Middle School eighth graders Laila Builes and Ryann Onofrio-Franceschini have been selected to perform with the Intermediate All-County band, and Port Chester High School junior Camilo Mamani has been selected to perform with the All-County Jazz band.

The All-County Band concert will take place on Saturday, March 9, at 5 p.m. at New Rochelle High School. The All-County Chorus concert will take place on Sunday, March 10, at 1 p.m. at New Rochelle High School. The All-County Jazz concert will take place on Friday, March 15, at 7:30 p.m. at Hammocks Middle School.

Date Added: 2/20/2024


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