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John F. Kennedy Elementary School

Address: 40 Olivia Street, Port Chester, NY 10573
Main Office: 914‑934‑7990
Fax: 914‑939‑6625
Principal: Judy Diaz
Asst. Principal: Colleen Moore


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JFK is a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence serving approximately 750 students in grades K-5.

Our mission at John F. Kennedy Elementary School is to provide our K-5 culturally-diverse community with a safe and nurturing environment in which students’ academic, social, and emotional potential is fulfilled. With strong community partnerships and through our high expectations, we empower our students to become responsible and respectful global citizens.

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School Updates

School News

Talented Port Chester Students to Perform at All-County Festivals

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Sixteen students from the Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District have been selected to perform with All-County music ensembles by the Westchester County School Music Association for its 2024 festival concerts in March.

“Being selected to perform in Westchester’s All-County Music Festivals is a momentous musical honor,” Supervisor of Fine and Performing Arts Dr. Katherine Sinsabaugh said. “Students go through a rigorous selection process. Our students competed against the best music students in Westchester County. We are very proud of our students and their hard work.”

John F. Kennedy Elementary School fifth graders Valentina Tiu and Sarah Salcedo, Thomas Edison Elementary School fifth graders Michael Calle and Gabriella Diaz, King Street Elementary School fifth graders Emma Weinstein and LJ Sherwood, Park Avenue Elementary School fifth graders Ethan Horwitz and Jacob Perez, and Port Chester Middle School sixth graders Olivia Klauck and Isabella Sanchez, seventh grader Scarlet Virella and eighth graders Melquisedec Gonzalez and Annalise Gouedy have been selected to perform with the All-County choir.

Port Chester Middle School eighth graders Laila Builes and Ryann Onofrio-Franceschini have been selected to perform with the Intermediate All-County band, and Port Chester High School junior Camilo Mamani has been selected to perform with the All-County Jazz band.

The All-County Band concert will take place on Saturday, March 9, at 5 p.m. at New Rochelle High School. The All-County Chorus concert will take place on Sunday, March 10, at 1 p.m. at New Rochelle High School. The All-County Jazz concert will take place on Friday, March 15, at 7:30 p.m. at Hammocks Middle School.

Date Added: 2/20/2024

Port Chester Students Celebrate World Read Aloud Day

Staff member reading to students in a classroom. thumbnail255056
Students from across Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District’s elementary schools participated in the unique global event World Read Aloud Day on Feb. 7. Throughout the day, administrators, teachers and community members visited their classrooms to read stories aloud as a way of promoting literacy.

Among the guest readers was Superintendent of Schools Dr. Aurelia Henriquez, who read from a variety of books, including “Giraffes Can’t Dance” and “The Best Place to Read.”

“There’s always been such joy in reading to children,” Dr. Henriquez said. “It is not just about imparting knowledge, but about igniting a lifelong love for learning. When we read to children, we open up a world of imagination, curiosity and discovery. It is in those precious moments that we witness the sheer joy on their faces, as they embark on adventures, explore new ideas and connect with characters. Reading to children is a gift that keeps on giving. This experience nurtures their minds, strengthens their bond with us, and lays the foundation for a brighter future.”

In addition to Dr. Henriquez, guest readers included Deputy Superintendent Colleen Carroll, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Tina Wilson, Port Chester Middle School Co-Principal Bryant Romano, Port Chester Middle School Assistant Principals Kristin Pascuzzi and Christine Rascona, Literacy Instructional Support Specialist Heather Rinello, Director of Bilingual Education Valerie Lakestream, Supervisor of Fine and Performing Arts Katherine Sinsabaugh, Park Avenue Elementary School Principal Rosa Taylor, Director of Special Education Tatiana Memoli, as well as other individuals in leadership positions within the district, local politicians, retired teachers, police officers, community members and Board of Education trustees Chrissie Onofrio and George Ford.

Special thanks to all staff members who made World Read Aloud Day possible.

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Date Added: 2/13/2024

JFK Administrators Perform Fourth Grader’s Original Book

Student with a microphone in front of her while two people act in the background. thumbnail254949
A talented fourth grader from John F. Kennedy Elementary School had her original book read and performed in front of her entire school when students, teachers and administrators packed the school’s gymnasium on Feb. 7.

Giuliana Muñoz won a schoolwide competition for her book, “The Show: A Story About Friendship,” which was inspired by Mo Willems’ best-selling “Elephant & Piggie” book series. She was among 40 fourth and fifth graders who entered the competition for a chance to have their work performed during the World Read Aloud Day kickoff performance.

“Giuliana’s book had all the components a good ‘Elephant & Piggie’ story needs – appealing characters, a relatable conflict and a satisfying resolution,” Principal Judy Diaz said. “We particularly liked the theme of friendship and conflict resolution through compromise and creative thinking. We appreciated that the story would be relatable to her fellow students and provide the positive message that being a good friend means listening to others and finding a way to play together.”

Complete with costumes and a set design, the gymnasium was filled with enthusiastic cheers by students who showed their support for Muñoz. Diaz took on the role of Piggie, while Assistant Principal Jennifer Mundo took on the role of Elephant, Assistant Principal Colleen Moore portrayed Snake, and K-5 District Literacy Instructional Support Specialist Samantha Calvert took on the role of Cat. In addition, Ingrid Gomez served as director, costume and set designer; Michelle Capparelli, Jeanine Maiolini, Diana Pennino and Miriam Valdovinos served as stage crew members; and Jamie Rubino served as World Read Aloud Day coordinator. Prior to the performance, Muñoz worked alongside Gomez to focus the storyline and transform it to theater.

“She embodies all we encourage our students to be and do: to take risks, put forth their best effort, apply feedback, and fearlessly share their creativity and genius with the world,” Moore said. “The poise and confidence with which she narrated her published piece was just the icing on the cake. Guiliana is a newcomer to the country, having just arrived to Port Chester from her native Ecuador a year ago, thus making her ability to craft and confidently narrate her story in her second language quite impressive.”

Diaz said she was proud of Guiliana’s talent for crafting an exceptional story that originally had several different subplots and a complex story line. While this was the first year that administrators performed a book that was written and narrated by a student, they have been performing “Elephant & Piggie” books as part of World Read Aloud Day celebrations since 2017.

“The performance could not be possible without the dedication of several JFK teachers and staff who work relentlessly behind the scenes to provide our students and staff with the best possible performance and World Read Aloud Day experience every year,” Diaz said.

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Date Added: 2/9/2024

Young Scientists Uncover Secrets of Particulate Solids

Young Scientists Uncover Secrets of Particulate Solids thumbnail254484

John F. Kennedy Elementary School second graders, who have been studying the properties of solids and liquids, delved into the world of particulate solids. Under the guidance of science teacher Karla Purcell, they observed mystery materials to determine if they were solids or liquids based on their material properties.

The classroom buzzed with excitement as the students worked in groups to carefully examine the substances – corn meal, rice and an array of beans – and drew parallels between the characteristics of solids and liquids.

“Once we shared our observations as a class, the students understood that all of these materials were in fact solids even though some of their properties were similar to those of liquids – they can pour or take the shape of a container,” Purcell said.

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Date Added: 1/26/2024

Third Graders Test a Penny’s Capacity to Explore Surface Tension

students dropping a liquid onto pennies thumbnail254371
Third graders at John F. Kennedy Elementary School completed a science investigation to determine how many drops of water can fit on a penny. The hands-on experience was part of a lesson on surface tension in Jeni Vogel’s science class.

During the experiment, the young scientists carefully placed individual drops of water on a penny until the penny could no longer hold the water. The exercise not only unveiled the limits of the penny, but also revealed a dome-like shape formed by the water on the surface. This interactive exploration provided a deeper understanding of surface tension, illustrating how water droplets possess the ability to connect and form an elastic layer on the water’s surface.

“The students are beginning to explore how water interacts with different materials,” Vogel said. “They have explored what happens with water on different surfaces, including how some surfaces absorb water and some surfaces are waterproof and cause water to bead up.”

With their knowledge of surface tension, the students are gearing up for their next adventure, during which they will explore the dynamics of water on sloped surfaces.

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Date Added: 1/23/2024


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