Jessica Kingsbury, Outstanding Innovative Teacher

Jessica Kingsbury Named Outstanding Innovative Teacher

Port Chester Public School’s Jessica Kingsbury has been named an Outstanding Innovative Teacher and will be honored in a virtual TELL Award ceremony, hosted by the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center to be held on Sept. 24.

In 2016, Ms. Kingsbury’s journey in Port Chester started as the elementary math/technology enrichment teacher for grades 3-5 and she was recently appointed as the district’s K-5 instructional technology specialist. Ms. Kingsbury has spent the past four years in the Port Chester Public Schools, teaching computer science to students in grades 3-5, building the district’s elementary computer science program from the ground up. She also co-leads the district’s technology committee and serves as a teacher-liaison on the district’s professional development committee. She is also pursuing her doctoral degree in digital transformation. 

Ms. Kingsbury is part of an innovative district team that is the driving force behind transforming district professional development. In addition, Ms. Kingsbury was instrumental in having the district’s 2018-2021 Technology Plan approved by the State of New York primarily due to her assistance with the writing and strategic planning of the district’s vision and mission of “Success For Every Student.” 

When working with students Ms. Kingsbury’s challenges them to problem-solve, design and create. She inspires students to think differently and empowers them to take control of their own learning. She takes a different approach to instruction: telling students the end goal – such as what their robot could do – and challenging them to figure out what code could help them complete that task.  

Ms. Kingsbury views her students as an important part of the instructional process, and some of her favorite activities have come from engaging them in instructional design. Her fourth-grade students encouraged her to transform their robotics class with MakerSpace-inspired challenges and her fifth-grade students completely redesigned and improve a drone basketball game. 

Ms. Kingsbury joins this year’s fellow Oustanding Innovative Teachers Caroline Brown of Greenburgh Central School District and Marko Markolovic of the Bline Brook-Rye Union Free School District.