Rams on the Rise November 2019

PCHS Rams on the Rise

Athletes have long history of supporting one another

Welcome to our new feature, “Rams on the Rise,” where we will highlight two Port Chester High School students each month who have made an impact on their school community and are looking forward to a bright future

Seniors Ivan Garcia and Brooklyn Ostrowski have been one another’s biggest fans from the time they were children out on the baseball diamond where they first met. He was a student at King Street Elementary School and she attended Park Avenue School. Both were enrolled in the Port Chester Youth Baseball League. They bonded over their love of baseball and have been friends ever since.

 “We’ve always been supporting each other since day one,” Brooklyn said. “When I heard he was going to Binghamton, I started crying for him.”

 Brooklyn has gone on to make a name for herself in softball, while Ivan has been a standout star in wrestling.

 Sports is what they have in common, and recently that was showcased once more when the two gathered in their high school gym with family and friends, and signed their letters of intent to attend and play at their respective colleges. Ivan will be attending Binghamton University and Brooklyn is on her way to Villanova University.

 Brooklyn will begin her college career on a liberal arts track but plans to major in biology. She is considering a career as a medical examiner or a surgeon. Ivan intends to study business and finance and is thinking of a career as a financial planner.

Throughout their athletic careers the two have been motivated by their athletic parents. Ivan said he was following a family tradition when he became a wrestler. It was a sport his father played as well when he was in high school.

 “My father motivated me,” Ivan said.

 Both of Brooklyn’s parents were athletes too, her mother played softball and her father baseball.

 “They’ve been my biggest fans,” Brooklyn said.

 From the time she was a freshman, Brooklyn said she knew she wanted to play softball in college and has been working towards that goal throughout her entire high school career. As a freshman, she initially committed to Fordham University. While a sophomore, she learned the coaching staff there left and joined the athletic department at Villanova.

Brooklyn had her heart set on playing for the coaching team at Fordham. She took a visit to Villanova and said she fell in love with the campus.

“The softball team is on the rise,” she said of the Wildcats. “Coach Bridget Orchard is the one coach I was not nervous around.”

Ivan said the Bearcats coaching staff at Binghamton was very supportive and was among the many considerations when it came time to select a college. When he made a visit to the campus he said he felt comfortable and knew it was the place for him.

The 2019 wrestling season will begin on Dec. 4 when the Rams take on Arlington High School. Before the match begins, Ivan will be the one listening to music on the sidelines, a practice that helps him get in his zone, he said.

“I think positive thoughts that make me want to go to war,” he explained.

This fall Brooklyn has been busy on the volleyball court leading the Lady Rams. Come spring, she will don her signature eye black when she takes to the softball field where she plays center field and short stop.

“I call it my warrior paint,” she said. “I feel like I transform into a warrior. I also listen to music to pump me up.”

Looking ahead to their respective seasons, Ivan said he plans to continue to train hard and meet his goal: to win a state title.

Brooklyn said she will keep pushing herself to get stronger and faster.

“I’m excited,” Ivan said of next fall. “I want to make the most out of it before I leave,” he said of the time he has left in high school.

“I am really trying to enjoy the high school experience,” Brooklyn added. “But I am definitely excited to go.”