IB Just Desserts 2019

IB 'Just Desserts'

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‘Just Desserts’ highlights talents of musicians, singers

Students and staff welcomed to enjoy the performances

Room 229 at Port Chester High School was full of music all day long as students in the International Baccalaureate Music program put on a recital for staff and students to enjoy on Nov. 19.

In what has become an annual tradition since around 2004, students use the ‘IB Just Desserts’ event as a rehearsal for the required recital they put on for the IB committee, choral director Linda Ventura said.

Her first-year students, she said, use the experience to get used to performing in front of an audience, while seniors use the opportunity to perfect their performances.

“The idea is to have a diverse repertoire,” Ms. Ventura said.Students are allowed to select the songs they will sing or play and are encouraged to have a mix of pop favorites, classical, Broadway showtunes, jazz and more.

Some students sang, while others played the piano and sang. There were some who shared songs on the guitar and violin too.

“We want it to be as diverse as we can, so they can show their range,” Ms. Ventura said. “It highlights their musicianship.”

As the day began, performers settled into the paneled room on the second floor of the school where they spent the day. During one class period several students performed their selections, and another group performed during the next class period.

Throughout the day students and staff were welcome to come in to watch the performers. Staff were also invited to enjoy an enormous selection of desserts as they enjoy the music. Everyone can also enjoy the variety of artwork that was on display too from IB art classes as well as digital photography classes.

“That’s what’s so wonderful,” Ms. Ventura said of the guests who come by. “The classes can see what we are doing and get an idea of my students and their talents.”

The strains of “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma” could be heard, along with Henry Purcell’s “Nymphs and Shepherds.” There were also selections by Elton John, Mozart, Bob Dylan, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Handel, to name a few.

“It’s so fun,” senior Faith Tomasula said of singing in front of an audience. “I love performing.”

Among some of the songs she selected were “Reflection” by M. Wilder and “Someone to Watch Over Me,” by George Gershwin.

Junior Brandon Ramos admitted he was very nervous during his first few songs, although he has some experience in front of an audience. Among his selections was one of his favorites, “Your Song,” by Elton John.

Sophia Reis, a junior, selected Debussy’s Claire de Lune to perform on the piano. It is a piece she loves and one she said she wanted to continue to practice for as long as she can to perfect her performance.

“It’s such a great piece,” she said.