2017 Capital Project School by School Snapshot

Here is snapshot of what the 2017 Capital Project will make possible:

Port Chester High School
When our middle and elementary school students reach the high school, the student body is projected to be 1,300 to 1,500. The building, in its current state, cannot provide the comprehensive high school education our students deserve. This plan will maintain the historic character of the building, while providing the space needed for increased course offerings that will prepare our students for college or employment after graduation. It additionally includes spaces for the arts and athletics that will benefit our entire community.

  • 11 New Academic Classrooms
  • New 3-Room Science Suite
  • New Regulation Size Gymnasium
  • New Full Size Band & Choral Rehearsal Spaces
  • New Synthetic Turf Athletic Field
  • New Bleacher Refurbishment
  • New Concession Stand
  • Renovated Locker Rooms
  • Renovation & Repurposing of Existing Gymnasium to Multi-Purpose Room

 Port Chester Middle School

This building is not included in the 2017 capital project because all classroom spaces and educational resources are currently adequate. Since 2006, the planetarium and four science labs have been renovated. A new roof has been installed, and outdoor areas have been upgraded with new masonry. Technology has been maintained to stay current, and the school operates in a completely Wi-Fi enabled environment.

 John F. Kennedy Elementary School

  • 8 new classrooms for General and Special Education classes
  • 1 new small group instructional classroom
  • New Gymnasium
  • Renovated Library & Media Center
  • Renovated Maintenance Facility

 King Street Elementary School

  • Additional Parking & Drop-Off Area
  • New Gymnasium
  • 2 New General & Special Education Classrooms

 Park Avenue Elementary School

  • 4 New Classrooms
  • Complete Media Center/Library Renovation

Thomas Edison Elementary School
The interior facilities of this building meet the needs of its students. However, children learn through play, and this school is receiving a much needed synthetic turf play area.  The school's stage will also receive upgraded lighting.