Updates: Capital Plan 2017

August 28, 2019

Port Chester UFSD Bond Referendum Projects Board of Education Update

Park Ave Additions and Renovations:

The classrooms are ready for occupancy.  Final punch list work is in progress and closeout will follow.

Edison School Site and Lighting projects:

The project is in the final stage / closeout.

King St Additions and Renovations:

The asphalt binder and top coat is in progress and the parking lot is expected to be striped by this weekend. The parking lot lights and poles are onsite. The pole bases are in, and the lights will be installed right after the asphalt is complete. The additional concrete sidewalk from the existing front classrooms 123-127 to the new lot is being installed this week.

The gym / classroom addition is making progress with brick, block and roofing, and windows in the classrooms. The mechanical trades will continue with their work on the interior.

The new water supply was connected and is active. The gas company, Con Ed is currently preparing to sleeve the old low pressure gas line with a new smaller medium pressure gas line that will service the adjacent houses and the school. It will be cut off at the property line on Upland and capped. The old system and low pressure will continue to service the houses up the street from the school. There has been a lot of coordination with Con Ed’s work prior to the asphalt parking lot installation, so that is proceeding a little later than anticipated.

JFK Additions and Renovations:

Most of the work is focusing on substantial completion of the new classrooms. A Fire Marshall inspection is scheduled for this Friday and many people are working onsite to complete the required items of work, such as electrical and life safety devices.

The main electric service was changed and now it services the entire school as opposed to only the new section. The panels purchased only needed additional main breakers to accommodate this change.

(2) story elevator addition -  The bathrooms have rough plumbing and tile on the wet walls. The furniture is being installed. The HVAC system is not on line yet but is in progress. It will be in service once the control wiring and components are complete. The elevator shaft is complete and will be protected from students and staff until it is completed. The actual elevator work should begin within the next 2 weeks.

Gymnasium addition – Gym footing and walls have been poured for approximately 50% of the gym. The rebar and form work continues. The sanitary sewer line was excavated and installed.

High School Additions and Renovations:

At the academic wing, concrete footing installation continues along with the stair walls. The parking lots are either paved or expected to be paved by this weekend. The existing gas line needed to be replaced in the South lot, which required extensive coordination with Con Ed and the contractors to replace the line, test, and reconnect the service. The underground gymnasium storm drainage line was connected to the new drainage system.

On the interior of the building, temporary partitions were completed, along with general cleanup. The one-way access along Tamarack was set up, and is being evaluated and adjusted so that traffic flow is efficient when school classes start.

Middle School Window / UV / Pedestrian Bridge:

The focus is on the center Academic Wing. The West side academic windows were installed. The East side is in progress, and the windows are being delivered for the final 3 bays of classrooms. Temporary exterior partitions will be installed in time for school, if they do not arrive this week. All work is progressing with the understanding that classes are starting next week. There will be ongoing work after hours on this project into the fall, as previously stated, with the balance of the windows, sunshades and related mechanical work. Despite the outward appearance, this challenging project is nearing completion and most of the interior work has been completed.









Taxpayer Value. A Sound Investment

$79,950,000   The total cost of all additions, renovations and upgrades included in the 2017 Capital Project

$75 annually per $100,000 of property assessment  The 24-year average annual cost to Port Chester taxpayers.   

Estimated 66% state reimbursement on allowable expenditures  

Project Timelines - Click or Tap to Enlarge

2017 Port Chester Schools Capital Project - Planning for Tomorrow and Beyond

 logoA Community-Minded Initiative

The Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District voter approved a $79.95 million capital project on March 28, 2017. This initiative, developed with the guidance of a community-driven Bond Advisory Committee, will address critical building needs. It’s a forward-thinking plan that will create improved learning spaces to best serve our growing student body. Community members, including those with civic organizations, arts groups, athletic teams and more, will also be welcome to utilize these spaces.

 21st Century Learning Spaces

This capital project will add the space needed to solve the district-wide problem of classrooms functioning at or near capacity – an issue the district was cited for by the Middle States Accreditation Commission. The plan is critical to meet the needs of a student body that is forecasted for continued growth.

Lack of space in our buildings has led to many elementary class sizes that exceed the State Education Department recommendations. Without adequate classrooms at the secondary level, our district is unable to offer the electives and honors level courses available in many surrounding districts. Valuable programs like the school’s International Baccalaureate program, highly regarded by college admissions officers, are also at risk. This initiative is focused on creating 21st century learning spaces with better teacher/student ratios and academic options to meet the needs of every student.

 Planning for Academic Success

Smaller class sizes improve student outcomes by providing more time for teacher instruction. More class offerings lead to more engaged learners, improved graduation rates, and higher college acceptances.

The capital project additionally includes facility upgrades for athletics and the arts.  A new high school gymnasium will increase capacity for instruction, while bringing competition space up to State High School Association standards. This will enable the district to host state tournament and championship games. New full size rehearsal spaces for the award-winning band and choral programs will make space for greater educational programming on the presently overused auditorium stage. 

 All in all, this plan will raise the academic profile of the Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District across all grades and student abilities.

 A Sensible Investment for the Future

The 2017 capital project is a sound plan to secure funding through borrowing and state aid. The timing is right since interest rates are historically low, and previous debt will be expiring in the near future. This plan will have a long term positive impact and provide annual cost savings by keeping more special education students in district for instruction. In the past decade, our district has undertaken proactive measures to upgrade, but even with these efforts, our schools are inadequate to meet the needs of our students and community. This plan includes new and renovated spaces for 5 out of 6 schools, and will maintain all neighborhood elementary schools. In addition, it will increase curb appeal and create spaces that community groups will be welcome to use.

Better facilities make better districts, which make better communities; better communities increase home values. That is a cycle of value-adding for all of Port Chester.