District Goals

2017-2018 District Goals

Goal 1:  

  1. Utilize Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) §3012-d to effectively improve instruction through the application of best practices embedded in the Danielson model.
  2. Optimize instruction through Response to Intervention (RTI) and Academic Intervention Services (AIS) in order to differentiate and meet the needs of identified subgroup populations while enhancing instructional practices through engagement for all students.
  3. Continue implementation of a district-wide instructional focus on literacy, recognizing that literacy is the foundation for all subject areas and that all educators are teachers of literacy.

Goal 2:          

Continue to pursue operational efficiencies within the confines of the tax levy cap that ensure sound fiscal management while continuing to pursue advocacy to garner lost funds with particular focus on Foundation Aid, which is still funded at less than 50%.

Goal 3:          

Manage the bond construction project to ensure on time completion at or below budget.