Advocacy Alert - “Grants and Aid” Program Pending

April 1, 2019

Dear Port Chester Parent/Guardian:

The New York State legislature and Governor reached an agreement on the 2019-20 budget this past weekend.

Thanks to your advocacy efforts, I am pleased to inform you that our foundation aid has increased $736,444 plus $99,842 in BOCES aid for a total of $883,286 for 2019-20.

The percentage of our foundation aid funding increased from 49.82% to 51.60%.

This increase is due to our phone calls, signatures, online petition to legislators, advocacy postcards, our board president’s testimony at a Senate hearing, trips to Albany, and the many conferences with our legislators.

Significant portions of our foundation aid were reassigned to state-mandated programming, including $809,036 for community schools’ programs, and $2,100,000 for Prekindergarten.

Our initial Budget Deficit projection for 2019-20 was close to $3 million dollars. With the additional aid we project a reduced budget deficit of $1,408,397.

We understand that the Governor and legislators from the house and senate can still assign districts “bullet” aid (aka Grants and Aid Program funding). We urge you to email, call, or write our legislators to grant those funds to us so that we can reduce or eliminate our projected deficit! There’s little time so please don’t wait!

Here is the contact information for our political leaders:


Edward A. Kliszus, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Port Chester-Rye UFSD