Water Testing in Our Schools

In accordance with state legislation, the District has tested drinking water in our schools for lead.  We partnered with our local health department and the licensed environmental firm Warren and Panzer Engineers in testing every water fixture in the district.  The final lab report can be found at the right.

We are committed to ensuring that the drinking water in our schools is safe and believe in water testing as a means to be proactive in addressing this concern.  Rest assured that we have been and continue to do more than is required.  We began voluntary water testing in 2011 and then implemented all recommended testing and remediation procedures determined by our environment firm.  The most common remediation measure was the installation of water filters, which you can see on some water fountains.  Flushing a particular faucet for a specific period of time daily is another approved remediation procedure.  

Even though some fixtures tested before September 6, 2016 could be exempted from testing with a waiver, we chose to test every fixture in Fall 2016.  While the new regulations required only that we test "first draw samples", which involves testing a fixture that has not been in use for 8-18 hours, as an extra precaution we tested both "first draw samples" and "second draw samples" that are taken 30 seconds after the first draw.

For more information on how to protect yourself and your family, please review these guidelines from the Centers for Disease control and Prevention (CDC).

Water Testing Results