Superintendent's Message

Dear Friends and Families,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2018-19 school year! Did you know that US World and News 2018 identified Port Chester High School as a “top performing high school” from among 20,500 nationally, earning a Silver Ranking of 1,481 nationwide and 134 statewide!

You will see exciting new construction projects emerging around the district this year. While there may be some temporary inconveniences, the permanent changes will be worth the effort! We ask you to be patient during construction as traffic and other conditions may sometimes be affected. For the latest on the bond project including a timeline, please see the district website under “Quick Links”.

Our educational programs are designed to provide the means for your child’s success and maximum choices and opportunities to attend college, launch a business, pursue a career, or other options. However, to ensure your children’s maximum degree of educational success, it is imperative that the teacher, parent, and administrator communicate openly and frequently concerning the progress of each student. When you have a concern, always contact your child’s teacher immediately.

I cannot emphasize enough how the measure of our students’ success relies on the level of effort they apply, from the resources of which they take advantage, and from the areas in which they demonstrate passion and commitment. It is therefore vital that you encourage your children to participate in as many of the extra-curricular activities as they can including athletics, community service, clubs, music, theatre, and leadership organizations.

Be sure also to encourage your children to enroll in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses. Participation in these activities and coursework is extremely important for students as they build their résumé and prepare themselves for learning opportunities available after high school. This is critical not only for competitive scholarships, but for admission into the finest colleges, career schools, and universities.

Each of our schools has a delightful Parent/Teacher organization. Be sure to join your school’s PTA or PTO and volunteer to support the wonderful events they sponsor.

Keep up with the latest school news by following our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Links are available on the district web page at

Have a wonderful school year! I am confident that 2018-19 year will be one of the very best.

Edward A. Kliszus, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Our vision

 Our vision at Port Chester Public Schools focuses on preparing every student to be college- and career-ready, while also academically and emotionally prepared to choose their own future.

We strive to ensure that all of our students engage in high-quality courses, athletics, arts, extracurricular clubs and community service offerings. With excellent AP, SAT, and ACT scores, coupled with being a well-rounded child, our students have multiple options available to them as they approach their high school graduation.

With a rich and diverse education, our children can decide their futures, whether they would like to pursue a trade, university training, start a business, join the military or any other option they desire. We continuously strive to improve high school graduation rates and increase the number of students who attend the finest colleges post-graduation.

Please visit our websites and social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) for the latest district news and student accomplishments. Please sign our online petition, reminding our legislators about the importance of equitable state funding for our school district.