Smart Schools Investment Plan Second Submission

In terms of fulfilling the Port Chester­ Rye UFSD mission statement, “Success for Every Student,” our NYSED Approved Technology Plan Survey included long term goals regarding instructional technology. Our students need sufficient technology skills and competencies to ensure that they are college and career ready and this includes the ability to work in a collaborative, dynamic and secure on­line environment. After much research, stakeholder’s surveys and in classroom pilots, we decided that the best way to facilitate the use of Virtual Learning Spaces and Electronic Resources is through the use of Google Classroom and eChalk. In order to build capacity for this change our network has been upgraded to meet and exceed the required standard of 100 mbps per 1,000 students.   In addition, we have ubiquitous district wide wireless Internet connectivity. However, it was determined the Smart School Bond Act district allocated funds ($1,736,663) will be used to increase and replace student computer devices.

Justification of Need

With an IT infrastructure in place that will support instruction, our District Technology Plans includes as a priority and objective, an appropriate computer device replacement and refreshment program for student classroom instruction and testing.

 Therefore in alignment with this objective, we will use the Smart Schools funding to procure chromebooks to replace and increase student computer devices. With an adoption of GAfE (Google Apps for Education) platform, additional devices will ensure student access to cloud based instructional materials, digital citizenship, and anytime anywhere access to collaboration.

Smart Schools Investment Plan Goals (Alignment with Tech Plan Survey)

In order to fulfill its educational mission, our school district has prioritized the following long¬term goals:

  1. Provide every student with a computing device and connectivity to enable them to access a full range of educational technology tools and learning opportunities.
  2. Ensure and provide additional learning opportunities that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  3. Provide with an educational environment with ubiquitous access to assessment tools and data that will inform teaching and improve learning.
  4. Improve teaching and learning; including all students such as English language learners and newcomers to this country; by increasing outreach to parents, the community, and the world.

In order to achieve these goals the district continues to:

  • Create leaders at all levels
  • Provide online learning for students and teachers
  • Implement“pedagogy first”,“access for all”initiatives
  • Infuse data into classroom decision¬making
  • Converge network applications
  • Implement software“virtualization”and remote support tools
  • Develop long ¬term software, hardware and infrastructure acquisition and Fiscal Forecast
  • Commit to purchasing web¬ based instructional software
  • Support interactive telecommunication technologies
  • Implement procedures to clean and maintain all data in district systems
  • Implement a security audit to ensure that all data, data systems, and technology assets are secure and to ensure disaster recovery capability.

Purchase Plan and Allocation

The district's plans to purchase 992 Dell Chromebook11 Devices, 992 Google Chrome OS Management Console Licenses and  33 Dell Mobile Charging Carts.

Dell Chromebook 11 3180 Specs:
Dell Chromebook 11 3180, BTX
JR Intel Celeron N3060 Processor with 4GB Memory and 16GB SSD
US Int Dell KB216 Wired English Keyboard Black 1
Primary 3-Cell 42W/HR Battery
11.6" HD Non-Touch LCD 1
LCD Cover, Non-Touch (Black)

We have also met the requirements of the SSBA Guidance in terms of gathering input from our school community, stakeholders and non public schools. The school district will provide with a loan program for these devices to be shared with non public schools following on the guidance and acceptable use policies.

TABLETS $14,152
Other Costs $86,112
Sub Total $304,616


The district plans to support the purchase of any non eligible items indicated above via other local funds.  The district will seek reimbursement through the SSBA for only eligible items indicated above per the most recent available January 12, 2017 NYSED Guidance.


Once the Investment Plan is approved by the State, equipment will be purchased in accordance with the District’s purchasing policies.  Once the equipment arrives the IT staff will prioritize the inventorying and provisioning of the equipment.   Based on the proposed quantities, equipment should be in place and operational within 30 days of its arrival.

The district will include this new equipment in its existing inventory database and monitor it to ensure equipment is securely maintained in its designated locations. The District’s comprehensive asset insurance policy and Disaster Recovery Plan will also be updated to reflect the additional equipment.

This document has been posted to the District’s website as required by the Smart School Bond Implementation Guidance by the New York State Education Department in order to invite public input prior to the adoption of this plan by the Port Chester ­Rye UFSD Board of Education.   Public input can be submitted to the following email address:

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