Senior Scholarship Applications, Deadline Extension

Senior scholarship application deadline extension


Attention Seniors,

We know that these are tough and unprecedented times. Your physical, social, and emotional health and well-being is of importance to us. As you are aware the deadline for completing scholarship applications is March 19th. We know that you are all diligently working on completing your scholarship applications. The Guidance Department has been working just as hard to come up with the best solutions to make this a success as well. We encourage you to complete your applications to the extent that you can by that date but in light of this evolving health crisis, and a joint decision with administration, the deadline will be extended an additional week to March 26 if you are having difficulties adhering to the deadline.

Please follow the guidelines below

If you are applying to a scholarship that requires a transcript and you have not requested or received your transcript at this point, please submit it without that piece and your counselor will submit it for you. However, if you already have your transcript, please upload it as previously suggested.

Don’t delay in pressing submit on that scholarship. We will work with the donors to get that information to them on your behalf.

If you are submitting a scholarship that requires a teacher’s recommendation, please upload it, if you have already received it from them. If not, it is still important to email them to request one. Also, email your counselor the scholarship name with the teacher’s name that you have asked to submit a letter for you.

As always, if you have specific questions about the scholarship, please refer to the instructions on the Scholarship Classroom page or email your counselor. We are here to help you through this process.

One last reminder, you must be sure to press submit for every scholarship application or it will not be received by the committee and therefore will not be in by the deadline. 

As a precaution, please review the Senior Scholarship class of 2020 classroom daily for updated information.   

We wish you all the best, 

The PCHS Guidance Department