Superintendent's Roundtable brings parents, district officials together

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Aurelia Henriquez, continued her outreach efforts to the Port Chester schools community Oct. 8, with the latest in a recurring series of Roundtable Discussions of issues important to families, educators and stakeholders.

screen shot from virtual meeting with parents and administrators

The virtual meet-up took place at the end of the school day and brought together parents and district administrators. The wide-ranging discussion touched on curriculum matters, the district’s emphasis on data-based decision making, and the formal goals that serve as a roadmap for continued district improvement.

“I believe we’ve accomplished quite a bit, and I believe we’re going in a great direction,” Dr. Henriquez told those who joined the conversation. “I want to lean on you today to garner your input and support to continue to move forward collaboratively.”

Parents inquired about the district’s approach to reading and writing and instructional philosophy as well as current COVID health and safety protocols. Dr. Henriquez was joined by Dr. Colleen Carroll, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.

Dr. Carroll shared that the administrative team is reading the book “Driven By Data 2.0” together as part of an effort to build a data-driven culture, in which data is leveraged to improve instruction. A current example she cited is the analysis of STAR Assessment scores.

“We’re looking at data, analyzing it, and looking at it probably deeper than we ever have before,” Dr. Carroll said.

Dr. Henriquez talked in detail about the Board of Education’s goals for the 2021-22 school year. These goals can be found in the recent edition of her monthly Ram-Gram e-newsletter, which can be found here.

One of those goals, to “Foster a Sense of Community Connectedness and Pride in Ram Nation,” is reflected in the new superintendent’s very visible presence in classrooms and on campuses. She is a believer in bringing students, families and the community together for events that foster unity and pride. Her goal is to increase such opportunities for meaningful and authentic interactions.

“We all know how important it is that students feel that connection,” Dr. Henriquez said.